Customer Management & Loyalty

Take customer orders for items to be delivered, prepared or specially ordered from a supplier.


Customer Tracking Receipts / Job Printouts

Produce customisable receipts for customers to identify their order.

• Show order contents, estimated delivery date and expected value.

• Receipt tickets, large printouts or email the order to the customer.

• Produce delivery reports for drivers.

Customer Orders Screenshot

Support for Deliveries / Deposits / Special Orders

A Customer Order can be items that need to be delivered, prepared, ordered in for the customer or a combination of any of these.

• Manage food orders or large items that require a lot of time to create.

• Optionally select a preferred supplier for items marked to be ordered in from a supplier.

• Part deliver items on an order that may be too heavy for a customer to collect.

• Easily repeat an order for customers who have recurring orders.

Delivery Job Run Manager

Delivery Job Run Manager

Manage multiple delivery runs for local deliveries to your customers.

• Track weight requirements for vehicles when delivering.

• Simple drag and drop interface for controlling the order that deliveries will be attempted.

• Show van delivery routes on a map together with each customer location.

• Drivers can use either printouts or the APP which can take signatures and photos of packages left for each delivery.

SMS / Emails

SMS / Email Status Updates

Inform your customers when orders have arrived or when they are due for delivery.

• Track SMS / Emails sent for each customer order.

• SMS & Emails dramatically improve deliverability rate and customer experience.

Multiple Stores

Multiple Stores Supported

Customer Orders can be controlled centrally or on a per store basis.

• Orders can be taken from multiple locations and processed and delivered from a central location.

• Web orders can be converted to customer orders if they are within a certain radius.

• Sophisticated search tools allow managing group or branches of stores together.