Fruit & Veg - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for greengrocers or fruit & veg stalls.

Weighed Items

Integrate scales directly into your EPOS system or type in the weight as you weigh each item. Print labels with Avery-Berkel compatible barcodes. All weight types are supported, such as kg's or lbs.

Fruit Veg Scale
Fruit Veg Store

Control Produce Replenishment

With our purchase order section, control how much produce that is purchased by allowing NuEPOS to help you calculate how much you should order. Since fruit & veg has a short shelf life, its essential to order the right amount with the least amount of wastage.

Linked Special Offers

Almost any type of offer you want to setup, NuEPOS can support it. Which is why its important to also support offers for products that complement each other, such as for example buying both potatoes and carrots together for a discounted price. This not only includes the classic types of offer such as mix and match or buy 2 for a certain amount, but also bulk buying produce above a certain quantity, weight or price. To really ensure customers continue shopping at your store, you can even implement a free item after x number of purchases promotion. No cardboard stamps or anything required, simply select the customer and NuEPOS will take care of the rest.

Basket Of Fruit