Pet Store - Features

NuEPOS has many features suitable for all different varieties of pet stores. Whether it be an aquatic specialist, reptile specialist, dry foods, equine, online or ones that sell animals, we have so many features necessary for anyone in this industry.
When it comes to the pet industry, this is one of our biggest specialities. We have a lot of customers in the pet trade, and because of this we often exhibit at the U.K's primary pet tradeshows.

Weighed Up Bags & Items

Integrate scales directly into your EPOS system or type in the weight as you weigh each item. Print labels with Avery-Berkel compatible barcodes. When the item is sold, the system will deduct the correct fraction from the large bag or box. The system will also know the correct cost based on the cost of the large bag.

Pet Store Image
Pet Store Image

Record Animals Per Customers

Using our extended objects feature, record what animals' customers have. You can add whatever fields you want per pet e.g. breed, microchip number, list of vaccines, diet, name, date of birth etc. These can then be used for marketing, and of course are essentials for groomers, trainers, boarding and vets.

Forms For SQP and Animal Sales

NuEPOS has an intricate and customisable forms feature, allowing you to take whatever details your local or national legislation requires. For the pet industry, this is an essential feature as certain items you sell, such as wormers often require a specialist member of staff to record answers to important questions in order to sell the item. Furthermore selling pets in many countries requires customers details.

Pet Store Image
Pet Store Image

Grooming / Boarding Calendars

If you offer dog grooming or animal boarding, you can use our calendar feature to store upcoming appointments for customers. Record no-shows, services required etc. per appointment. These can be viewed or amended on the APP, and make managing your rota much easier and accessible. Send SMS or Email appointment reminders to ensure missed appointments are a thing of the past.

Product Auto Lookup

When you need to put a new product into your EPOS system, we have a lookup feature that attempts to fill in the name and other details for you based only on the barcode. As far as the pet industry is concerned, there is an extremely high chance we will be able to offer a description, image and possible selling prices for the product, making product enrolling much simpler and quicker.

Pet Store Image
Pet Store Image

Supplier Integration

We are adding more and more supplier integrations all the time. From sending orders directly to the supplier in a format they want, to getting live stock levels to avoid out of stocks, our integrations with suppliers will help save you time and money. Example's include Battles, Trilanco, GA Pet Foods and more...

Growing Stock

>NuEPOS also includes functionality to manage your growing stock as you're able to mark and manage them in our Growing Stock Manager. This can be very useful if you have many varying animals at various stages of growth

Using this manager you are able to keep track of your growing stock, split off batches, markdown batch failures, and finally transfer your growing stock into your holding stock once suitable for sale.

Pet Store Image