Garden Centre - Features

NuEPOS is installed in many different garden centres and we have had a lot of experience within this industry.

Gift Cards & HTA Vouchers

Print or buy in ready made gift cards to sell to your customers. Once the plastic card is used, simply take it back, put it to the bottom of the pile and re-use again!

Across many garden centers in the U.K, HTA Vouchers are sold and used. NuEPOS can even be programmed to give cash back below a certain amount or print the remainder as an internal voucher that will only work within your garden centre. Some of our acquirers support HTA vouchers, and some of our web integrations support using in-store and online, contact us for more information.

HTA Vouchers
Garden Pots

Custom Labels For Pots And Baskets

With our drag and drop label designer, easily design your own labels to print on a sticky label printer or print in bulk on a large desktop printer. Barcodes can be generated and printed making it very easy to serve items at the checkout that do not come with a barcode.

You can also print tie labels providing the printer is Windows compatible.

Seasonal Replenishment

NuEPOS comes with an extremely capable product replenishment capability, that is not only easy to use, but very efficient in generating orders in minutes rather than hours.

Among its many features, is also being able to enter seasonal minimum / maximum values, so that depending on the season / day of the week, you can adjust the desired stock holding value. For example, only ordering Christmas stock during the festive season, or more seeds during the summer etc.

Seasonal Reordering

Multiple Sales Screens - Café's

Because NuEPOS can handle multiple different industries, we support all the complexities that come with the restaurants and other hospitality areas. This means your garden centre can run with one type of sales screen, whereas your café could be operate with a completely different template.

Support for product options such as modifiers for breakfasts, coffee's, dinners and so on. You can even switch between templates quickly incase you want to order some food from the garden centre tills or back offices. Chef preparation tickets can also be designed including mulitple kitchen printers.

Growing Stock

NuEPOS also includes functionality to manage your growing stock as you're able to mark and manage them in our Growing Stock Manager. This can be very useful if you have many varying plants at various stages of growth.

Using this manager you are able to keep track of your growing stock, split off batches, markdown batch failures, and finally transfer your growing stock into your holding stock once suitable for sale.

Seasonal Reordering