Accounting / Statistics

Produce reports and charts in real-time for your organisation. If there is a report or any piece of information you need or require that you cannot find, ask and we will show you where it is. If it doesn't exist, we will build it for you and everyone else!

Live Sales Totals

Live Sales Totals for any Date Range

View your statistics in real time from any location in the world.

• Apply filters to get any information you require in any format you wish.

• View sales statistics even after your EPOS system is switched off from the APP or another device.

Charts and Reports

HTML Charts & Reports

Use the power of web-based charts & reports for dynamic and rapid information.

• Produce horizontal / vertical bar charts, line charts and pie charts for any information.

• Export to a PDF Document any HTML based report.

Multi Store Chain Statistics

Multi Store Chain Statistics

Compare groups of stores together for an organisational overview of the company.

• Use live data for incentive schemes for inter store competitions / staff sales competitions.

Staff Clock In Manager

Staff Clock In Manager

Track employee clock in times using either staff login cards, passwords, or more preferably fingerprint biometric identification.

• Produce reports for employee work times over any date range.

• Export data to your favourite time management package in whatever format you need.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

If you require specific, custom tailored reports, these can be produced in any format using the built in custom report engine. The results are then shown in an HTML or table format allowing full customisation of the system.

• Parameters can be given so that users can enter custom variables and extract the necessary information from the report.

• Advanced users proficient in SQL and HTML can even write their own reports.

Accounting Software Integration Xero

Accounting Software Integration

Connect NuEPOS to your Accounts Package

• Allow NuEPOS to upload all your sales data and customer invoices straight to your accounting package.

• Xero, Quickbooks and Sage are currently supported. We can also create export files for Other accounting packages.

• When using Quickbooks, payments customers have made into the bank will automatically download into NuEPOS.